Antique Navajo Rug / C. 1910

Antique Navajo Rug / C. 1910

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Beautiful and historic Navajo Klagetoh Rug c. 1910. Featuring handspun and hand dyed wool that embodies the traditional color set seen in early Navajo rugs during the transitional period from the late 1890's-early 1910's when weaving styles went from blankets that were worn, to rugs that were placed on the floor.

The design features two asymmetric double diamonds. One of more unique features are the hour glass motifs seen within the diamonds and along the borders.

Beautiful cream, brown and grey color tones throughout.

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Condition: Excellent condition. Has all four corner tassels. No major selvage breaks. Some light discoloration and uneven toning. A few tiny holes.