1915 Navajo Rug/ Wall Hanging Storm Pattern with Railroad motif

Navajo Rug/ Wall Hanging Storm Pattern with Railroad motif

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Gorgeous Navajo rug c. 1915 with a storm pattern and railroad rail track motif . Perfect for above a couch or dresser.

This Navajo rug was most likely hung at one of the entryways to the trading post that came through on the newly developed (at the time) railroad. These small sampler rugs were made to show off a weavers particular style and design. The storm pattern had significance as it symbolizes life.

¤ History
Navajo rugs are flat woven rugs with a continuous warp (vertical threads inside the weave) and weft (horizontal lines that create the design). Navajo rugs are also distinguished by their continuous side selvedges (the swirled cord seen running down the entire vertical length of each side) which is seen only in authentic Navajo rugs. However, some smaller saddle rugs and wall hangings have a sewn in selvedge cord that is not visible.

▲ Measurements
25 x 32 inches

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•  Condition
Hand knotted antique rug - Good antique condition for its age. Some headend thread loss. A small hole, a few spots and some discoloration.