1920s Antique Persian Qashai Four Medallion Rug - 4′10″ × 8′

1920s Antique Persian Qashai Four Medallion Rug - 4′10″ × 8′

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Beautiful Qashqai Khamseh medallion rug. This rug illustrates the fine crasftmanship that comes out of the Qashqai region with the intricate medallion designs and thoughtful details within the boarders that adorn rugs from this era. This rug features a series of large geometric shapes set within a dark indigo blue field surrounded by an alternating white and red boarder.

Colors range from subtle burnt reds and oranges to natural un-dyed white wool in the center medallions. There are also hints of light turquoise blue in some of the boarders around the drawings within the center field.

¤ History
Qashqai and Khamseh rugs are highly sought after not only because of their rarity but because of their bold geometric designs and subtle use of various shades of blue within them. Qashqai rugs often feature segmented center medallions surrounded by animal or nature motifs all held within strong geometric boarders.

▲ Measurements
Approx 5x8ft / Exact Measurements: 96" x 58"

ø Date
Qashqai Khamseh c 1920's

• Condition

Rug shows really well with its subtle colors and natural dye. There are some areas showing wear and a few small old repairs seen here as well. The rug has some areas of bunching as seen in the photos but edge to edge sits flat.