Antique Navajo Rug - Rare c. 1910 geometric motif, southwest bohemian chic, boho chic, mid century

Antique Navajo Rug - Rare c. 1910 geometric motif, southwest bohemian chic, boho chic, mid century

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Absolutely exquisite Navajo rug from the Ganado region. c. 1910. Has a rare central cross motif in the center field with mountain motifs around the border. Hand knotted and dyed, the rug has lovely variegated grays and blacks which are the result of the subtle changes in dye color from the hand dying process. Some of the wool would absorb more dye than other parts and when all woven together creates beautiful variations in color that add to the authentic age of this rug and textural appearance.

¤ History
Navajo rugs are flat woven rugs with a continuous warp (vertical threads inside the weave) and weft (horizontal lines that create the design). Navajo rugs are also distinguished by their continuous side selvedges (the swirled cord seen running down the entire vertical length of each side) which is seen only in authentic Navajo rugs. However, some smaller saddle rugs and wall hangings have a sewn in selvedge cord that is not visible.

Another note about the dating on this rug is seen in the variegated blacks. From the late 1800's to early 1900's the color black was made by using black sheep's wool mixed with grey wool and the result is a nice variance of subtle fading from dark shades of gray to darker black / blue tones. In the 1920's, with the railroads being more prevalent and running right through Navajo trading posts 100% black dyed wool became available. And around that time designs that were intended to be solid black in rugs could be there way without any color variance. So when you see a Navajo rug that has nice shading changes in the black it was most likely woven before the 1920's

▲ Measurements
47 x 34 inches

ø Label / Manufacturer
Navajo - Arizona, Ganado region c. 1910

•  Condition
Hand knotted antique rug - Good antique condition for its age. Some headend thread loss.