Antique Persian Qashqai Tribal Kilim Rug - 4′6″ × 7′9″

Antique Persian Qashqai Tribal Kilim Rug - 4′6″ × 7′9″

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This is a beautiful historic Qashqai Kilim rug. Handwoven in the late 1890's early 1900's using all wool and vegetable / all natural dyes. Qashqai rugs are known for their beautiful color combinations and tribal patterns. The motif featured on this rug is the Goz design, or eye. There is also one Ejder (Dragon) symbol in the rug as well. These motifs are set onto of a red ground which when viewed from afar has a nice criss crossing X pattern. Kilims are rugs woven on a loom using a flat-weave technique, this results in a rug that has two usable sides with the same design.

Δ Measurements

93in x 54in / 7'9" x 4'6" / 236cm x 137cm

Condition / The rug is over 100 years old and does show some signs of wear. There are a few areas that are worn and some old repairs done. There are also a few small holes. These are hard to see when laid flat. The colors have faded a bit over time giving the rug a nice patina and look to it. Flat-weaving is also called slit weave which means there is a knot between colors which causes separation of the wool between each time the color changes. Overall each weave section is in good condition, but some of them, the slits are larger than others. There is nice abrash / color variation in the blues that help define its age.