Mid Century Navajo Rug

Mid Century Navajo Rug

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Vintage Navajo Rug - Geometric Design Circa 1940s / 1950s.

The one thing I really love about rugs and wall hangings is how much warmth and texture that they bring into your home. We have a bunch of them throughout our home and they really give each space its own character.

This rugs dates back to the 1940's / 1950s and it is tightly woven, has a continuous warp and side selvedge cords. Beautiful grey, black, creme and light brown colors.

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ø Origins
Navajo weaving c. - Ganado region

•  Condition
Beautiful condition for its age. No major stains, wool is in good shape without any major holes. Some wear, use and matting shown, but still in really great condition.