Nasa Apollo- Soyuz test project poster

Nasa Apollo- Soyuz test project poster

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Extremely rare and beautiful lithographic space poster / print of 1965 Apollo-Soyuz test project poster.

This poster could be straight from a 1950's space film set. I could imagine this in a young kids room who, every night while watching the news was dreaming about the space race and the eventual launch to the moon.

This would make for an amazing wall print to hang in a kids room, or if you are a science nerds like we are, it will make for an amazing poster to hang in your bedroom :) It is truly a rare and one of a kind item.

Δ Measurements
39 X 32

There are some signs of use / wear that this print accumulated over the ages on the edges, one small rip at the bottom and a taped repair. Some wear around the edges and marks (as seen in photos). Original folds to around newspaper size. Will ship folded at original fold lines.