Navajo rug/ wall hanging 1930s

Navajo rug/ wall hanging 1930s

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Lovely long Navajo rug. Perfect as a wall hanging as shown or to be used as a traditional rug as well.

▲ Measurements
44 x 22 inches

ø Label / Manufacturer
Navajo - Arizona, Ganado region c. 1930

•  Condition
Small 2x2 hole and some broken cords otherwise wear is consistent with age

¤ History
Navajo rugs are flat woven rugs with a continuous warp (vertical threads inside the weave) and weft (horizontal lines that create the design). Navajo rugs are also distinguished by their continuous side selvedges (the swirled cord seen running down the entire vertical length of each side) which is seen only in authentic Navajo rugs. However, some smaller saddle rugs and wall hangings have a sewn in selvedge cord that is not visible.