Rare 1880's Shirvan Prayer Rug 3X6

Rare 1880's Shirvan Prayer Rug 3X6

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Rare c.1880's Shirvan Prayer Rug 3X6

This is a beautiful worn Shirvan prayer rug. Lovely example late 19th century hand woven rug. Has a nice and high knot count making the center drawing nicely detailed. has a lovely and nicely balanced set of colors and shades.

Looks great as an accent rug or wall hanging.

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Good condition. A couple small holes - 2x2 and 2x3 hole (top & left side in photos), areas of general foundation wear and loss of reinforced edging on back

Abrash --> The fibers in hand-spun wool naturally have varying texture and thickness. The result of is is that different fibers absorb the dye differently so the colors differ slightly throughout one batch of thread. This is called abrash. It is beautiful, highly sought after, and found only in hand-spun wool that is dyed with all-natural dyes. Its one of the things I love most about antique rugs